MYOB training exercise company files

If you have attended an MYOB classroom training course and would like to practice at home using your training manual, you can download the company files you practiced on during the course. 

Note: These files are self-extracting executable files, and you will need to use WinZip software to extract them. If you do not have WinZip installed on your computer visit to download a trial version.

Mac Users: If you are using MYOB AccountEdge v9 click here for instructions on how to download and extract these files on your Mac.

To extract the files:

At the end of this process all files relating to the course selected in Step 1 will be within the location you specified in Step 5 above.


Company files for AccountRight v 19 software and AccountEdge v9 (Mac)

Don’t have the latest version of AccountRight?

For training purposes and to ensure that you are able to open the files successfully without being prompted with an Activation window we recommend that you use the Student Edition of the software.

Download the Student Edition of AccountRight Enterprise v 19


Instructions for downloading and extracting exercise files on MAC

  1. Click the course link in the list of courses that relate to the version of MYOB software you are using.
  2. A “You have chosen to open” message appears, asking “Would you like to save this file?”
  3. Click Save File.  This will download the file to your specified location on your hard drive.
  4. Once the files have been downloaded, navigate to the saved location to extract the training exercise files.
  5. Highlight the downloaded file, and select File>Open With>Other.
  6. Select your extraction program, ie Stuffit
  7. Click Open.
  8. The training exercise files are automatically extracted to a folder of the same course name.